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    me: can i get chile relleno please

    food comes

    me: ew wtf is this i didnt order a stuffed pepper

    waitress: thats what it is

    me: i was like shit i should have paid attention to my spanish dishes

    waitress: yeah at training everyone ate everything besides this. btw here’s your bill 15 dollars for the pepper please.

    me: you kind of look like drew barrymore

    waitress: that’s funny. some woman the other day kept saying i looked like her too she was like go watch grey gardens omg omg omg i thought you were a successful actress drew barrymore why are you waitressing a mexican restaurant and i was like im not drew barrymore

    me: thats funny yeah i met this kid at work whose name is drew and she was like yeah my middle name is bari and i was like oh were you named after drew barrymore and she was like idk and in my head i was like how do you not know that your name is fuckin drew bari … and it turned out that her last name was moore. #dumbkid

    waitress: i have to go

    me: bye

    1. heyitsamyontumblr said: i don’t believe that this is a true story lol
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